About Us

Our Mission

To administer resources that maximize individual excellence in partnership with the Sherrard School District, we aim to accomplish the following:

  • Support student scholarships for post high school tuition
  • Provide teacher grants for innovative teaching practices in the classroom
  • Coordinate a comprehensive alumni network
  • Develop resources to inspire academic achievement within the Sherrard School District.

Sherrard Academic Foundation History Information

In 2007, The Sherrard Academic Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization, was formed to provide an avenue for alumni, area residents, and businesses to make a long-term, tax-deductible investment in our students, our teachers, and our community. Though the organization is charged with supporting and promoting the successes of the Sherrard Unit #200 Schools, it operates independently from the Board of Education of the Sherrard School District.

The Sherrard Academic Foundation’s mission is to administer resources that maximize individual excellence in partnership with the Sherrard Unit #200 School District.

Since 2007, the Sherrard Academic Foundation has raised over $150,000 through donations from the community, grants received, and various fundraising activities. During this time, the Sherrard Academic Foundation has supported the Sherrard Unit #200 classroom teachings and activities with teacher grants totaling over $58,000. The Foundation has also provided the district’s students over $48,000 in college scholarships and has contributed $13,000 to the Academic Achievement Program to assist students with college expenses.

Sherrard Academic Foundation Board of Directors


Emma Benson
Rhonda Copeland
Candace Gagliardo
Renee Kelly
Kelli Maere
Janet Swanson
Vanessa Schulenberg, Teacher Representative
Kyler Gross, Student Representative


Sherrard Academic Foundation: PO Box 317, Sherrard IL 61281
Email: sherrardfoundation@gmail.com